Sense of Service helps professional service companies define and develop essential business relationships to their full potential.

We are experts in helping our clients intentionally define their highest value business relationships, and how to systematically target, engage, develop and sustain these relationships to their full potential, from both an external – clients and service providers; and, internal – management and employees perspective.

Company Overview
Sense of Service is a unique company providing experienced professional services executive leadership to companies that aspire to market leadership.

Sense of Service was formed in 2002 by a proven 25-year sales and client development veteran having served as a top sales professional, manager, executive and entrepreneur in the professional services arena.

We focus our experience-based approach in helping professional service organizations fulfill their vision of success by attaining their specific client development and sales objectives by increasing the value and profitability of their business relationships.

Most professional service firms struggle in growing their businesses using inappropriate sales processes and techniques that stress 'feature, function and price' best suited for tangible products. Service firms struggle in vain to force fit their services into "products", invariably damaging and diminishing their value - their ability to solve a business problem or satisfies a need that someone is incapable or chooses not to solve or satisfy for themselves.

In the eyes of the client, service firms are continuously weighed and judged on the perceived value they deliver. There are countless elements that go into the client’s perception of value - experience, expertise, knowledge, speed, quality, reputation, affiliation, etc. It is the sum total of these elements in various measures which are uniquely valued and weighed by each client that determines their value of the service. We define this amalgam of elements as the "service relationship experience".

Every “service relationship experience” has a life of its own - from the first second the client hears or sees your name and story, to the moment your relationship expires. The “service relationship experience” is extremely fluid and dynamic, and more importantly being constantly analyzed, evaluated and reassessed by the client. Given this fact, we believe in constantly raising the perceived value in the mind’s eye of the client through ever-increasing levels of exceptional service by exceeding the client’s expectations; and, thereby increasing our value as a strategic business partner versus just another provider of services, or worst case "a vendor". As value increases, so do the opportunities to provide higher levels of service and correspondingly rates and profits for the services we provide.

We embolden and empower individuals and organizations to move from a state of effect, where they struggle in a constant churn of change (and sometimes even chaos) to a state of cause and action resulting in growth, increasing profits, and improved client satisfaction, higher employee morale and strategic business partner delivered value.

Relationships forged through exceptional service performance yield higher perceived value, revenues, margins and profitability while lowering SG&A expenses associated with client and employee turnover. Plus, our clients are able to grow their businesses through reputation and referral as their clients share their experience with their clients, colleagues and strategic business partners. We ultimately create professional services that virtually sell themselves, in which price is a non-issue, competition is thwarted and we control with whom we choose to work, rather than always feeling pressured to sell at whatever cost or price that the client demands.